What Is GBWhatsApp?

First hello to you in our website, GBWhatsApp is similar version of WhatsApp have too many amazing features and a lot of privacy options and themes, And GBWhatsApp have different package name so you can use two applications of WhatsApp in same android device, And we always give you new updates for GBWhatsApp, So enjoy to use the amazing features of GBWhatsApp without any fear to stops updates, Or any damage to your phone because GBWhatsApp is 100% safe for android.

GBWhatsApp Features :

GBWhatsApp has group video calling feature and many privacy options, With GB WhatsApp you can use two applications of WhatsApp Plus in same android device.
Also GB WhatsApp you can  create and customize your own theme change the colors & fonts and whatever you want, And the possibility to hide chats notifications, Send larger video & music files, Also you can set password for chats.

GBWhatsApp Privacy Features :

Many of GBWhatsApp users are very happy to use GBWhatsApp privacy features, Because it gives you the freedom to chat and reply at any time you want, Where you can control everything :
Hide Online Status : You can hide the online status and use GBWhatsApp freely, And show to everyone offline (They will see the last date you were logged in).
Hide Blue Ticks : You can hide blue ticks ✔✔ for contacts and group, When you read any received messages.
Hide Second Tick : You can hide second ticks ✔ for contacts and group, When you delivered any messages.
Hide Writing Tick : You can hide writing ? for contacts and group, When you typing a message.
Hide Recording Status : You can hide recording Status for contacts and group, When you recording voice.
Hide Blue Microphone : You can hide Blue Microphone for contacts and group, When you open voice.
Hide View Status : You can hide your name when you view any status published by your friends.
Anti-Revoke : With this amazing option! you can read deleted messages , And prevent your friends from deleting messages after sending it to you, Also you can see the previous deleted messages in contact info (Click on contact name ➡ revoked messages).
Custom Privacy For Specific Contact : You can set privacy options for specific friend without apply it to other contacts (Click on contact name ➡ privacy).

GBWhatsApp Sharing Features :

GBWhatsApp has come with many of media features, Which provide comfort to the user, Where you can download any status and share anything you want :
Download Status : You can save any WhatsApp status in your device, And download videos and photos from your friends.
Files & Documents : You can share any files type you want, Such as (PDF, TXT, Docs…) up to 100MB in size.
Media Auto-Download : You can turn off auto videos & photos download for specific friend without apply it to other contacts (Click on contact name ➡ media auto-download).
Camera : You can send pictures and videos without any reduction in quality and fast as possible.
Gallery : You can select and send up to 100 photos or videos at once and at the highest possible quality.
Audio : You can send audio files or music from player or file manager upto 100MB.
Location : You can share your live location (Real-time location) and let your friends track you or send your current as point on map.
Contacts : You can select and send upto 200 contacts at once, Including the numbers – emails – profile picture – address.

Download GBWhatsApp :

Click on the button below to download latest version of GBWhatsApp APK for android devices
Recommended: Delete Old Version (7.00) Before Installing The New Version 7.20

Download GBWhatsApp v7.20 Anti Ban For Android Devices

Version Name : 7.20
Version Code : 2.19.53
File Size : 28 MB
Important Note : If You Got Banned Before

How To Install GBWhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

We will talk now about how to install a GBWhatsApp on your phone without losing WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus chats easily, We’ve added some screenshots in the explanation of the steps to make guide easier :
Step 1 : Download GBWhatsApp apk to your android device from above or from HERE.
Step 2 : If you want to use GBWhatsApp and keep your chat, Follow the instructions for your application you are currently using :
WhatsApp : Go to WhatsApp Settings ➡ Chats ➡ Backup, Click on backup chats and wait for backup to complete.
WhatsApp Plus : there is 2 way to backup and keep your chats after install GBWhatsApp :
From Plus Settings : With this way you will be able to backup your chats and settings and themes, Go to Plus Settings ➡ Others MODS ➡ Backup Data, After the backup is finished go to your file manager (My Files) app and change WhatsApp folder name to GBWhatsApp.
From Settings : With this way you will be able to backup your chats only (Without settings and custom theme), Go to Settings ➡ Chats ➡ Backup Chats.
Step 3 :  Go to android settings and click on Security ➡ Enable Unknown Sources.
​Step 4 : Now, Install GBWhatsApp on your Android device, Which you was downloaded from the box above, You can find it in download folder.
Step 5 : Now there are two methods depending on the type of backup you have made :
Backup From Plus Settings : Go to your device settings ➡ Apps Settings ➡ GBWhatsApp ➡Permissions ➡ Enable All Permissions ➡ Now open GBWhatsApp click only on the red restore button
Backup From Settings : Click AGREE AND CONTINUE, If you see a message allow WhatsApp Plus access click or continue allow for all permissions messages and follow the next steps.
​Step 6 : Enter your mobile number and verify your number in GBWhatsApp This step may take a few minutes, Wait a little bit to deliver verification code to your phone.
​Step 7 : If you have backup press restore latest backup, Wait a little to complete restore the backup.
Step 8 : Enter your name and chose profile picture.
​We finished, Enjoy with your new experience with GBWhatsApp.

Some FAQs About GBWhatsApp

So everyone here are some Important FAQs about GB WhatsApp, Some of the questions that we received recently, So you have added here to make this easier guide.
Q1) Is My Phone Will Be Safe if I Use GBWhatsApp?
A1) Yes, Don’t worry
Q2) Does GBWhatsApp Has a Different Package Name?
A2) Yes, GBWhatsApp has a different package name and you can install it with WhatsApp Plus and  OGWhatsApp.
Q3) Is GBWhatsApp for iPhone Available?
A3) Unfortunately It’s not for available iPhone devices.
Q4) Can I Use 2 GBWhatsApp Application on Same Android Device?
A4) Yes, You Can use 2 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device with OGWhatsApp
Q5) Can I Use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) on Same Android Device?
A5) Yes, You Can use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device with OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.
Q6) What Is the Difference Between GBWhatsApp – WhatsApp Plus – OGWhatsApp?
A6) There is no difference between these applications, Except that each application has a different package name gives you the possibility to install it with the other application.
Q7) Does GBWhatsApp Support Sending and Adding Stickers?
A7) Yes, GBWhatsApp adding and sending stickers, But you can not use the stickers applications from Play Store. If you want to use Play Store stickers, You must install WhatsApp Plus.
Q8) Do I Need to Uninstall WhatsApp to Use GBWhatsApp?
A8) No, Don’t worry
Q9) Can I Freeze My Last-seen on GBWhatsApp?
A9) Yes, You Can freeze your last seen on GBWhatsApp
Q10) Can I Set Password for GBWhatsApp?
A10) Yes, You Can set password for chats and GBWhatsApp